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Increasing performance and control in the public sector


Pablo Merello

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Across the globe, countries are moving towards leaner, more commercial, locally focused and responsive government and public sectors. At Grant Thornton, we are perfectly placed to help your organisation deliver this vision in the longer term.

Transparency and compliance have become key objectives for all public sector managers and policy-makers. Grant Thornton is fully aware of the unique characteristics of Government agencies and bodies and offers specialist services in this field.

We work with all types of agencies, including central, regional and local government, donors (including bilateral and multilateral international development organisations), autonomous agencies, other public-sector units and public-private partnerships.

 Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton professionals in more than 130 countries can work with you to deliver solutions more effectively, demonstrate transparency, improve controls and develop new infrastructure to support your economic development.

Our public sector teams are locally based and have first-hand experience of specific issues relevant to your organisation.

Thanks to our audit, assessment, technical assistance and advisory services, we can help our customers achieve their objectives with our full support. We are currently one of the leading firms in this market and are recognised by the quality of our work and services provided.

 Our solutions

Our public sector industry teams provide services tailored to your industry, including working with you to:

  • Deliver the best possible public services within financial constraints
  • Demonstrate  transparency through financial, performance and IT audits
  • Improve public sector control

 Our specialists can help you in the following areas:

  • Preventing, detecting and responding to fraud
  • Preparing Procedure Manuals and Management Systems
  • Public procurement
  • Auditing projects and management systems
  • R&D&i grant control (Horizon 2020 and other financial instruments)
  • Review of accounts for grant evidence purposes
  • Auditing account certifications under the FEAGA and FEADER schemes
  • IT security audits under ISO27001
  • Financial audit
  • Analysis, certification and advice on cost models

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To learn more about our public sector services, contact or Fernando Lacasa.

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