A strategic solution

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A strategic solution

Dynamic organisations need to focus their energies on driving the business forward: Grant Thornton outsourcing services could help you achieve this.

Transferring certain services to a third party specialist not only allows you to concentrate on your core business, it can also improve efficiency and cut costs.

At Grant Thornton, outsourcing represents more than US$250 million of our business worldwide. Whatever the size of your organisation or wherever you are in the world, we apply both reason and expertise to make sure your business is running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

How we work

With more than 1,000 people working across outsourcing services worldwide, our teams deliver seamless and coordinated solutions globally.

Our outsourcing services are not ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions. We understand your business needs and deliver comprehensive, efficient and tailor-made services.

Our global organisation is made up of over 140 member firms and all our professionals share a common goal: to offer our experience in any international transaction while keeping a local focus. This means our customers get the best of both worlds: a global firm at a local level.

Instinct for growth

Over the last three years we are the fastest growing large accounting organisation and we are constantly evolving and developing alongside our clients. Whatever the services you outsource to us, you will always have access to the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in your industry.

Benefits of outsourcing services

Cost reduction
By outsourcing accounting, employment and tax services, your company will be able to reduce its fixed costs.

Personal service
You will be able to receive a service tailored to your company's real needs, including personal reports which will help you make decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Prioritising efforts
Outsourcing will allow you to focus on what really matters to your business and develop your company's strategic capabilities to increase productivity.

Creating competitive advantage
The economic and financial information we'll provide you with will allow you to make agile and precise decisions.

Access to the latest technologies
Thanks to outsourcing, you will gain access to technologies and systems your company would not normally use in certain ancillary tasks.

Security and confidentiality
Grant Thornton will ensure your information is handled in a professional and confidential manner.

Enhancing your corporate image
The support provided by an internationally renowned firm will add value to your company's image.

Specialised personnel
You will have access to highly qualified and experienced professionals in accounting, employment and tax issues.

Risk mitigation
Grant Thornton's specialist teams have ongoing training and updating programs in all areas and industries, providing you with the latest regulatory changes.

International support
Our 56,000 professionals in over 140 countries enable us to help you with your internationalisation projects.

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