Strategy and technology

After the boom of the last few years, the digital asset ecosystem has managed to position itself as one of the sectors of reference and with an exponential growth forecast. At Grant Thornton, we help our clients to explore all aspects of this technology, to create tailored solutions that bring value to the business and address problems and inefficiencies in the business sector.

Grant Thornton's Blockchain & Crypto LAB has been helping companies, from Startups to large corporations, explore and adapt this technology since 2015. This extensive experience in the sector allows us to offer productive end-to-end Blockchain project developments, as well as strategic advice in the development of new innovative and cutting-edge business lines.

A multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary team specialized in

A multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary team specialized in

Crypto business strategy experts
Lawyers and economists specializing in digital asset regulation
Technological and financial risk experts
Software & Technology
Architects and software developers specialized in DLT technologies.

Phases of Blockchain strategy implementation

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Our Blockchain and Crypto Lab team at Grant Thornton approaches projects in an integral way, which contemplates all phases of a blockchain strategy applied to any sector and company from Strategy Design, Modeling, Technology Architecture, Product Development and Scaling. 


We help to understand how the Blockchain industry can impact the strategy of entities, considering those key aspects that must be adopted from an institutional point of view.

We collaborate with our clients in defining goals and objectives with a customized crypto strategic plan to define "where to play and how to win". We design and elaborate their business plan to drive their business model, technology and scaling, accompanying them during all phases of the process.

We have extensive experience in the development of technical strategies based on blockchain networks, both public (Ethereum, Polygon...) and private DLT (Geth, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Parity) development of disruptive architectures and applications based on Smart Contracts.

Banking sector


Digital assets trading and custody strategy: Strategic planning to establish a new Digital Assets business line. Identification of partners, front line technology providers of trading and custody blocks. Advice on legal structure.

Tokenized bond issuance: Technical, functional and strategic advice for the launch of a digital bond to be offered to institutional investors.

Smart Payments: Development of a PoC that allows triggering payments from a DLT network for immediate transfers.

Bank adaptation to the Bitcoin law: Providing the company with a strategy to adapt to the new regulations, in terms of management, internal control, risks and security, through strategic and specialized advice from Grant Thornton.




Study of the impact of cryptocurrencies in the energy sector: Report on the global impact of cryptocurrencies in the energy sector, performing a detailed analysis of the use cases and mechanisms of Blockchain technology applied to cryptocurrencies that involve higher energy consumption.





Independent review of crypto initiative: Review of network infrastructure, security analysis and software quality, functional review of the web and APP, business, legal and financial analysis of the company, evaluation of tokenomics strategy.

Smart Contracts technical analysis: static analysis and formal verification, unit testing, manual code analysis and initial and final reporting.

Real Estate


Information control and traceability: Integral solution for information certification and automation of quality assurance processes in construction based on BIM and Blockchain.

Real estate tokenization: legal and financial advice on tokenization through Security Tokens the cash flow and rental and sale value of real estate assets.

Integral platform for the intelligent audit of civil works: Integral platform for the intelligent audit of civil works based on the capture and automatic modeling of BIM information and the certification of its execution through Blockchain.




Digital Identity


VEIA: Decentralized Digital Identity model with Blockchain technology, which allows users to have control over their Identity and data, enabling new decentralized web services. Among the different use cases, the following stand out:

  • Onboarding and KYC
  • Access control
  • Interoperability
  • HR



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At Grant Thornton, we constantly study technical innovations to remain at the forefront in the development of Blockchain technology. We create and participate in the most important alliances and consortiums in the market:

  • Blockchain Center of Excellence of Grant Thornton's international network.
  • Founding partners of Alastria, the world's first multi-sector Blockchain consortium. Active presence in the Legal and Digital Assets Committees, as well as participation in the Identity Committee.
  • Members of the ISO standardization committee on best practices in Blockchain developments (UNE).
  • Professors of recognized universities and business schools (IE, IEB, FIDE, Universidad Complutense).
  • Reference trainers for entities such as CNMV, INESE, BME.
  • Members of the LACChain alliance.




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