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We are a firm that provides audit, business, technology and innovation consultancy, financial, tax and legal advisory services

Audit & Assurance

At Grant Thornton, our audit services perform a dual purpose. On the one hand, we provide assurance to corporate financial statements and annual accounts, providing greater transparency to the management team and the wider market where the company operates. On the other hand, we identify and anticipate potential risks and areas for improvement to help increase the stability and future prospects of our clients' businesses.

Tax, legal and employment

Grant Thornton professionals have specialist knowledge of the tax and legal systems in each country and specific market, guaranteeing companies a rigorous, proactive and agile service that delivers fair and appropriate solutions whilst complying with current legislation.

Business Consulting and Innovation

Grant Thornton provides cutting-edge advice to companies, helping them to develop and grow their businesses, changing and adapting to new, competitive environments, improving productivity and efficiency and controlling and mitigating risks and threats.

Financial Advisory

At Grant Thornton, we offer an extensive range of financial advisory services to companies and institutions involved in corporate transactions which include making investment, divestment and funding decisions. We help you create, transform and protect your company's value.


The Grant Thornton difference

By creating an environment of success and empowerment, we can provide you with the tools to make a difference every day, regardless of your role, seniority or years of experience. We will encourage you to contribute your passion, enthusiasm and ideas at every stage of your career.

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Discover your potential

Whether you are starting your career as a graduate or school leaver, Grant Thornton can give you a flying start. We are ambitious. Take the fact that we’re the world’s fastest-growing global accountancy organisation.

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