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BIM consists of the process of generating and managing information about a building or infrastructure throughout its entire life cycle, using a virtual model of the project, where all the parts can interact, and changes can be made quickly and transparently, saving time and optimising costs. Adopting BIM entails a profound transformation that affects all asset design, building, management and marketing processes. BIM improves the transparency, productivity and competitiveness of the building process. At Grant Thornton we know the protocols and systems needed to make this process work. We also have experience in information compliance, transfer and security so that each party involved gets just the right information. For us, adopting the BIM methodology and technological support is a key step in the building sector’s digital transformation process.


As organisations become increasingly dependent on digital technology, the opportunities for cyber criminals continue to grow.

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As organisations grow, back office processes can become a burden. Our experience and expertise across a range of industries mean we can outsource your business' key, strategic processes, improving performance from the outset and constantly incorporating best practice.


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By creating an environment of success and empowerment, we can provide you with the tools to make a difference every day, regardless of your role, seniority or years of experience. We will encourage you to contribute your passion, enthusiasm and ideas at every stage of your career.

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Whether you are starting your career as a graduate or school leaver, Grant Thornton can give you a flying start. We are ambitious. Take the fact that we’re the world’s fastest-growing global accountancy organisation.

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