Grant Thornton’s culture is one of our most valuable assets and has guided us in the right direction for almost 100 years.

We have 56,000 people committed to our values every day, helping dynamic businesses unlock their potential for growth.

Excellence and instinct

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At Grant Thornton we combine technical excellence and rigour with our value-adding capacity. We believe this combination results in a deeper understanding of our clients’ agendas and more valuable advice. Our tagline “An instinct for growth” expresses not just what we deliver to our clients, but how we deliver it.

Grant Thornton prides itself on being a values-driven firm and we have more than 56,000 people in over 140 countries who are passionately committed to these values.

We have six CLEARR values that underpin our culture and are embedded in everything we do.

  • Collaboration: ask for help, give help – we work well together
  • Leadership: have courage and inspire others – we challenge each other to be the best we can be
  • Excellence: find a better way every time – we never get complacent
  • Agility: think broadly, act quickly – we thrive on change
  • Responsibility: use influence wisely – we own our actions
  • Respect: listen and understand, be forthright – we create honest relationships

If you choose a career with us, these CLEARR values will become a part of your Grant Thornton experience. Our values are the foundation of our organisation.