Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL) is a private company limited by guarantee, incorporated in England and Wales. It is a brand that does not provide services to clients. Services are delivered by Grant Thornton member firms around the world.

GTIL and the member firms collectively are referred to as Grant Thornton.


Board of governors

The Board of governors is our principal authority and is selected by Grant Thornton member firms worldwide. The current Board members are:

  • Scott Barnes, Chair
  • Peter Bodin, CEO
  • Vishesh Chandiok, India
  • David Dunckley, United Kingdom
  • Maria Victoria C. Españo, Philippines
  • Hisham Farouk, United Arab Emirates
  • Gagik Gyulbudaghyan, Armenia
  • Xu Hua, China
  • Emilio Imbriglio, Canada (observer)
  • Anna Johnson, Sweden
  • Vassilis Kazas, Greece
  • Daniel Kurkdjian, France
  • Kevin Ladner, Canada
  • Mike McGuire, United States
  • Joachim Riese, Germany
  • Victor Sekese, South Africa
  • Judith Sprieser, independent member
  • Shigeyoshi Yamada, Japan
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The global leadership team

The global leadership team drives the execution of the global strategy and is chaired by the CEO. It is a full-time management group and its current members are:

  • Peter Bodin, CEO
  • Hilary East, Office of the CEO
  • Francesca Lagerberg, Network capabilities
  • Paul English, Markets and clients
  • Antony Nettleton, Quality and risk
  • Jason Ramey, Service lines and industries
  • Dave Peneycad, Operations and projects
  • Kim Schmidt, Leadership, people and culture

Management team in Spain

The Board of Directors, led by Grant Thornton’s current chairman, Alejandro Martínez Borrell, is now made up of the following partners:

  • Andrés Gurrea
  • Arturo Lopez
  • Santiago Eraña
  • Antonio García-Lozano

The partners have also agreed to create a Management Committee to give greater representation to our current lines of business. This new body will design the strategy for each line, which will be approved by the Board, and will be made up of the following partners:

  • Eduardo Cosmen, National Lead Partner for Tax.
  • Santiago Eraña, National Lead Partner for Audit.
  • Ramón Galcerán, National Lead Partner for Financial Advisory.
  • Antonio García-Lozano, National Lead Partner for Business Consulting and Innovation.
  • Álvaro Rodríguez, National Lead Partner for Commercial Law.
  • Aurora Sanz, National Lead Partner for Employment Law.