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I am a partner in the legal department and supervise the litigation and legal compliance sections. My professional experience is mainly linked to corporate governance, serving as secretary of the board of directors of several companies that we have been advising for years. The desire for continuous improvement in the management of corporate governance has led us to develop an advanced legal compliance department with great added value, given that we have been promoting the discipline for years, even before the entry into force of the reform of the criminal code in 2015.

My activity has traditionally been related to various economic sectors, of which I could highlight the maritime port sector, due to my position as secretary of the board of some relevant companies in the sector. We also have a long track record accompanying companies in the sports, publishing, and advertising sectors.

Furthermore, my passion for the essence of law has led me to continue practicing as a litigation lawyer, leading the legal direction of multiple processes, mainly in the corporate commercial field, directors’ liability, and business traffic in general.

Leaving aside work, my main hobbies are music and sports, to which I dedicate as much time as I can, trying to combine it with a large and active family.

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