We provide reliable advice in the area of valuations to organisations going through corporate transactions, experiencing disputes or implementing restructuring processes, in which the value of the business or its assets is a key aspect of the transaction.

At Grant Thornton we identify, analyse and quantify value, in all of its aspects, in the context of corporate transactions, restructuring processes and disputes.  We also provide sound independent advice for all types of valuations required for regulatory purposes.

Thanks to our global organisation consisting of more than 130 member firms, with a presence in the world’s major financial centres, we can deliver the best support to advise you on the most complex international valuations.

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In corporate transactions
We can provide an independent perspective on the value of your company or business line during the preliminary planning stages, when you may be considering a possible sale.

Once the sale process is progressing, we offer bid support services throughout the offer reception process until the transaction is complete, and are committed to adding value at every stage of the process.

We can assess your proposals for mergers, acquisitions, restructurings and financial structures within the context of an inorganic growth plan.

Valuations for tax or commercial purposes
We carry out valuations of companies, groups and businesses, which can be used as support of their fair value for tax purposes, in processes to change their corporate structure (spin-offs, mergers, etc.), other types of corporate restructuring, non-monetary contributions, etc. We have extensive experience providing independent expert reports.

Financial reporting
We carry out valuations to help you with the accounting consolidation of recently acquired businesses, including identifying recognisable intangible assets in goodwill and the subsequent Purchase Price Allocation (PPA). We also perform or review impairment tests when required by accounting regulations.

Valuations to support asset-backed lending decisions
We provide valuations to support asset-backed financing, including valuing shares and intangible assets, and providing periodic valuations of assets to confirm that the terms of the loan agreement are being met.

Valuations for legal purposes
We perform valuations to comply with all types of legal requirements, whether internal or external.

We can carry out valuations required under bylaws or family agreements, to be used as a reference by shareholders, as well as valuations to comply with CNMV regulations, etc. We can also provide valuations for public offerings as well as delisting processes. We also act as independent experts appointed by the Mercantile Register.

Dispute resolution
We offer valuation support for breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, negligence, lost opportunity, or where an expert determination is required. We act as independent experts in courts or at arbitration tribunals.

Portfolio valuations
We provide independent valuations for business groups or investment funds that wish to have ongoing advice about the value of their holdings, or to help quantify value creation.

Share option schemes
We can assess schemes for employees and directors, with specialist advice on structuring and valuing such schemes.


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