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Technology and innovation

Technology transforms your business

The explosion of data generated by digital technology, combined with a new degree of connectedness among organisations, means that any company could be the victim of a cyber attack.

Cyber attacks are becoming more aggressive and sophisticated with geographical boundaries playing no role. Cybersecurity has become a top priority for all boards of directors.

Our technology services are based on quality, efficiency and talent and are always excellence and innovation oriented. We adopt best international practices in technology using our strategic partnerships and global network. Our consultancy approach combines innovation and technology integration with management and security from a multidisciplinary perspective.


Luis Pastor

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Our Solutions

We don't just understand the latest technology trends. We're part of them. We actively work with the national and international startup community to jointly develop technologies, namely Blockchain and Big Data.

Our leading team of specialists provide global cybersecurity and IT audit solutions. We focus on people, using training, practical cybersecurity exercises, regulatory compliance and incident investigation.

We are experienced in adopting and implementing different project management methodologies. We analyse business processes and identify what changes need to be made. Our main areas of expertise are PMO, BPM, Agility and Mobility.

Using our knowledge and the necessary criteria, we help select and configure the most suitable software tool. We identify the supplier service model that best meets the operational needs of the client. Our main experience is in ERP technologies (SAP, Odoo), document and content management (Alfresco, SharePoint) and CRM (MS Dynamics, Salesforce).

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We advise on how to correctly link IT tools with business processes. We carry out in-depth studies so that our clients achieve success as swiftly as possible.

Our experience and expertise across a range of industries mean we can outsource your business' key, strategic processes, improving performance from the outset and constantly including best practice.


We identify the most appropriate technology model for our clients and our specialists help them set up this model to ensure the viability of their projects.

Training is strategic and necessary in order to understand technological developments, management methodologies, operational quality and regulations.

Blockchain & Distributed ledgers
Our multidisciplinary team is specialised in both legal and financial technologies and offers our clients unique experience and knowledge. We enable you to make the most of the possibilities offered by this technology through technical, business workshops, diagnostic case studies and developing prototypes with measurable outcomes.

Cybersecurity and IT Audit
We organise practical cybersecurity exercises that offer a unique learning experience. Our team of legal advisers and IT auditors help companies comply with different regulations: ISO 27001, LOPD, LSSICE, LAECSP.

Big Data & BI
We differentiate between where pieces of information have come from using data lakes and we identify patterns and trends that enable us to use the information more effectively. We forecast future business progress leading to more efficient decision-making processes.

Digital transformation (TxD) & Mobility
We help our clients define their digital transformation strategy, ensuring the feasibility of the project. Our model focuses on changes to the business culture supported by technology via mobility and security.

We choose the right transformation process approach for your business and correctly customize the business operation (new or existing). We guarantee the ERP software is installed accurately and the project correctly managed, ensuring quick benefits.

CRM, document management, ECM, CMS
We combine operational knowledge with different CRM and ECM tools, creating a configurable solution that is tailor-made to the needs of the business. Our operational and technology-based experience ensures that we can successfully manage integration processes.

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