As organisations become increasingly dependent on digital technology, the opportunities for cyber criminals continue to grow.

The explosion of data generated by digital technology, combined with a new degree of connectedness among organisations, means that any company could be the victim of a cyber attack.

Cyber attacks are becoming more aggressive and sophisticated with geographical boundaries playing no role. Cybersecurity has become a top priority for all boards of directors.

Our solutions

We help you understand your current exposure to cybersecurity risk and support you to develop an effective security capability. Our services include cyber attack risk assessments, security policy development, security process and technical assessments and third-party assurance.

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We develop and implement the technical framework and broader processes required to protect. We can help you with security architecture; security technology implementations; security process design and implementation; identity and access management; privacy and data protection; data classification; enterprise application integrity; business continuity and recovery from actual attacks; and penetration testing.

We work with you to support and monitor your cybersecurity operations, and we help you to respond rapidly and flexibly in the event of a security or data breach.

We can help you improve and better manage your cybersecurity capability. Our services include security programme strategy and planning, security governance and security awareness at all organisational levels.

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