Globalisation and rapid technological change are disrupting traditional business models. At Grant Thornton, we are ready for these changes and their real impact on companies. We can formulate solutions to keep you ahead of disruptive change.

We offer a full suite of services to address the biggest challenges businesses face across any sector or market: sustaining and financing growth, managing risk and talent, optimising operations and protecting value.

Our solutions

Strategy & process improvement
Improving operational processes is an ongoing issue in terms of a company's strategic approach. Grant Thornton professionals stand apart for their extensive experience in managing business and support optimisation projects across different industries. We use the latest technology and leading trends to transform processes and organisations, guiding them towards excellence.

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Governance and innovation
Governance in companies is key in the current environment. At Grant Thornton we advise companies on how to build and implement governance from the foundations up to senior management, integrating governance into the company's strategic positioning and approach, whilst also introducing a culture of innovation that drives value through current management practices and also in relation to future development and change.

Business engineering
Companies make business areas profitable by maximising their client and non-client relationships, strengthening experiences and relationships and optimising effectiveness across all channels. We advise companies on defining and implementing full business models and using the most appropriate technology to manage information and business processes in the most effective way.

Technology strategy
We bring innovation to companies' operations. We are experts in managing and using all kinds of information, including regulatory, critical and synthetic information for decision-making purposes. We advise, define and execute our clients' digital transformation, including strategic planning, implementing change and outsourcing processes. We specialise in integrating analytical, business and regulatory systems and managing complex projects and environments.

Change management and human capital
People are key to developing companies; they drive change and reflect a company's culture. At Grant Thornton we align a company's strategy, tactics and operations with the people involved directly or indirectly with them to produce excellent, high-performing teams that are committed to the project and fully aligned with the company's values.

Analysis of international regulations and environment
We analyse the challenges and opportunities thrown up by the surrounding environment. We help companies actively manage their exchange and interest rate risks. We work with companies to formulate strategies for diversifying their sources of financing, helping them assess complex financial products and optimising their relationships with financial institutions and credit rating agencies. We also provide general services as external chief economist. We anticipate regulatory change and help companies adapt through the use of strategies.

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