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When trust lies in technology

Blockchain technology is designed for the exchange of information and transactions between two or more participants through 100% secure and irreversible coding. A
centralised middleman is not required to identify and certify the information being exchanged, rather this information is distributed among a number of independent Blockchain network participants (nodes) who each record and validate the information without the need for trust between each other. Each participant has an exact copy of the information, which allows them to carry out transactions that are traceable and cannot be forged.

Blockchain’s potential stretches beyond its obvious impact on the banking and financial sector and industries such as insurance, energy, construction and pharmaceuticals, etc.
are effectively applying this technology.


Luis Pastor

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We offer a comprehensive solution in Blockchain technology services: from conception and strategic design to production and implementation. Our specialist technical, legal and strategic consultants help our clients fully integrate the technology into their business,
generating differential added-value from the very beginning.

Blockchain services


We advise on the integration of technological tools in business processes. We perform studies and draw up strategic plans and PMOs for transversal Blockchain implementation.

Development and implementation

We identify the most suitable business model for our clients. We analyse, assess and validate usage from technical, legal and business viewpoints.


We deliver training sessions so that Blockchain technology is implemented and learnt correctly across all corporate areas.

From proof of concept to full implementation

Development of DAPPs (decentralised applications) having completed the PoC (proof of concept) and MVP (minimum viable product) processes ready for production.


We provide a wide range of services including: advice on investment strategies for cryptoassets, applications for automating fund ledgers, drafting reports on the impact of cryptocurrencies in different industries, advice on the management of cryptoassets and real-time appraisal of cryptocurrencies, design of custom software solutions for the transfer, safekeeping and protection of cryptocurrencies.

Technical analysis of Smart Contracts

Technical analysis of Smart Contracts code in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) financing operations and for cryptoasset management, custody and transaction companies.

Comprehensive solution

Rolling out Blockchain across a business requires comprehensive advice not only in terms of technology, but also from a legal, strategic and industry viewpoint.

At Grant Thornton, our multidisciplinary team analyses, researches and develops each project taking the following key areas into consideration.

Strategic Advice

  • Technical analysis of code
  • Definition of business models
  • ST, MT and LT strategy

Legal Advice

  • Industry-specific regulation
  • LOPD
  • GDPR
  • Tax
  • PSD II

Technological Development

  • Blockchain architecture
  • PoC, MVP, Pre-Production
  • Front-end GUI
  • Tokenomics
  • Smart Contracts

Industry focus

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Energy
  • Health/Pharma
  • Car industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Sports

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