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The ability to anticipate and adapt is more important in the technology industry than ever before.

Rapid change and complexity have always been hallmarks of the technology industry. And it is even more so today. Start-ups are going global from day one and the lines between the technology, telecommunications and media sectors are blurring. Industrial companies are producing and distributing their own technology products and increased regulatory scrutiny is throwing up all sorts of new challenges.

It is a fast-moving marketplace. Successful technology firms are responding by continually revising their business models, business strategies and product mix. And they are growing.


Luis Pastor

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Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton’s global network of technology industry professionals work with a broad range of dynamic organisations, from established industry players to emerging companies and rapidly expanding businesses.

Whether your goal is to enter new markets, scale operations, manage costs, source funding or comply with regulations, we have the insight and experienced judgement to help you succeed. We’ll help you create value in your business. And we’ll help you drive performance and optimise it.

We’ll listen closely to your needs so that we can develop solutions tailored to you. Our forward-thinking teams keep up to date with the latest developments as new technologies and business models are introduced and evolve. We can provide you with early insights into the dynamic and innovative issues facing your organisation. These include managing intellectual capital, executing mergers and acquisitions, scaling operations and understanding the complex tax environment.

We can also help you to identify and manage your risk and compliance needs, as regulatory and policy environments evolve around the world to keep pace with technology innovation.

If you have ambitions to take your business public or engage in mergers and acquisitions, we’ll support you every step of the way - from the process across major stock exchanges to joining smaller markets or finding the right strategic acquirers.

Our solutions

Our teams offer services tailored to your industry, working with you to:


Ramón Galcerán

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Fernando Beltrán

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  • Scale operations as you grow
  • Create trust and manage risk in the cloud, mobile and digital world
  • Secure capital for growth
  • Reduce costs and optimise profits
  • Understand technology and R&D-specific incentives
  • Identify regulatory issues and compliance with global regulatory requirements

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To learn more about our IT sector services, contact Luis Pastor, Ramón Galcerán or Fernando Beltrán.